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disire design giftbox

English style design

English style design

  1. can i order from u? with my design ,color,sizes?

  2. Hello,
    Berapa harga disire design box dan saya nak pattern macam lovely collection, tapi size besar sikit untuk meggunakan bagi bag kecil, kasut atau baju. Saya baru nak buka business online so bagi harga special, as my business grows saya beli size besar juga. At the moment I am also looking at China for supply, tapi kalau beli dari Malaysia baguslah boleh visit your shop juga.
    Terima Kasih.
    Sharifah Elina

    • salam elina box yg ada sample didalam my blog ada yg customised and ada yg ready made…yg you pilih nie costomised i kena quote harga based on quantyty to order and plus sizes actually may i now your budget lagi senang i nak propose kat you….salam.

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