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In Gift For You on August 8, 2008 at 3:03 pm

Dear all….im’ starting my business is just less than four years in this line…firstly by helping my aunt’ to do some decorative with their gift box and i found that this oppurtunity will help me to develop my skills..

i have done my job with HLA GROUP OF COMPANIES,( Architect Firm),D’Navechee Sdn Bhd,

DCL Multilevel Company and some of personal client who give me a trust to shown my skill & creative ways to give them the best touch ,art&sense of their gift. A unique & creative gift comes from an idea which is contain the creative skill and positive thinking actually…

Diffrent From other is the best way to describe us…..Diffrent ideas’..

We want to help our client by create a positive,everlasting,and of course’ forgettable relationship with their client .And the important things is Creativity…

The words”gift” is also actually a gifted from god to me….because im’ proud that i can share my creativity with other….and ex-change the knowledge with others…


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